Remodel in the Summer for Luxury Fireplace in the Fall

Luxury Outdoor Fireplace

While it may seem counter-intuitive, summer is a great time to spruce up your property with an outdoor fireplace. Here’s how:

An Outdoor Fireplace Extends Your Summer

It might be wicked hot outside right now. You might be hiding indoors and adding extra heat to the outside might be the last thing you’re thinking about. But it won’t be quite so unbearable in a couple months, and by that time you will be glad to have a crackling fire on a cool night.

And, if you’re the social type, your guests will be glad for that fire, too. Having an outdoor fireplace will help you extend the summer social season into the fall, and even into a mild Oregonian winter.

Northwest Outdoor Fireplace

Contractors Are Available

Contractors and home-renovators are more available in the summer. The fall, when the weather gets cooler, is when they do most of their business, so most times in the summer, they’re looking for work.

With fewer projects on their plate, they will be able to start sooner, dedicate more attention to your needs, and finish faster– just in time for you to take advantage of your new installment as the weather begins to cool.

Summer Weather is the Best Weather

Unless you’re a newly transplanted former-Californian (welcome!), you are well aware that literally every season except for summer is “the rainy season” here in the Pacific Northwest, and even then most years summer can just be described as “the slightly-less-rainy season.”

Even so, the favorable summer weather means fewer complications and fewer delays in the construction and installation process, allowing you the comfort of a finished product sooner.

Oregon Outdoor Fireplace

Now is the best time to act on installing an outdoor fireplace to bring renewed vim and vigor to your backyard this fall. To learn about the process, discuss your options, and get a quote, contact Fireside Home Solutions today!