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Ambiance and efficiency rolled into one.

If you love the experience of tending to a wood fire and want to heat your home efficiently, look no further than a freestanding wood stove.

Modern wood-burning stoves are recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) because they are very efficient and earth friendly. Complete combustion within the firebox means very little smoke will exit your chimney.

Choose from our extensive selection of wood stoves at one of our Seattle and Portland area locations, including a full line of Quadra-Fire, Harman, Heatilator EcoChoice, and Hearthstone stoves with a wide range of sizes, fronts and fuel types to fit your individual needs.

Installed prices start at $3,900. Get started today by requesting a free estimate and check out the brochures below for more info.

  • Quadra-Fire 5700 Step Top Wood Stove
    Quadra-Fire 5700 Step-Top Wood Stove

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