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Cash Rebates and Incentives for High-Efficiency Gas Fireplaces in Oregon

Interested in saving more on your Gas Fireplace? The Energy Trust of Oregon offers some great cash incentives when you install a qualifying Direct-Vent Gas Fireplace in your home. Additionally, the Oregon Department of Energy offers a state tax credit for high-efficiency Direct-Vent gas units you have installed. This includes zero-clearance gas fireplaces, gas fireplace inserts, and gas stoves. Upgrading to a high-efficiency fireplace, especially with the monetary incentives that are currently available, can save lots of energy and reduce your costs.

Energy Trust of Oregon Rebates

To be eligible for the Energy Trust rebates, there are four important requirements to keep in mind when choosing your fireplace. The unit you have installed must: have a Direct-Vent system, be equipped with an Intermittent Pilot Light (IPI), have a Fireplace Efficiency (FE) rating of at least 70 percent, and be listed as one of the Energy Trust’s qualifying models.

The Energy Trust rebate amount has two tiers, depending on efficiency:

  • $250 for units with a 70% – 74.9% Fireplace Efficiency (FE) rating.
  • $350 for units with a 75% or greater (FE) rating.

For example, this Heat n Glo Supreme I30 gas insert (shown right) has an efficiency (FE) rating of 72.7 percent, and qualifies for $250 Energy Trust Rebate, as well as a state tax credit.

Talk with one of our sales representatives to learn more about what fireplaces and stoves qualify for rebates.

Oregon State Tax Credits

Direct-Vent gas fireplaces, inserts and stoves with an efficiency (FE) rating of at least 70 percent also qualify for tax credits through the Oregon Department of Energy. This is another great incentive to install a new and efficient heat source in your home.

The eligibility requirements for the Oregon State tax credits are:

  • $350 for units with a 70% – 74.9% Fireplace Efficiency (FE) rating.
  • $550 for units with a 75% or greater (FE) rating.

For example, this Quadrafire Sapphire gas stove (shown left) has an efficiency (FE) rating of 76.0 percent, and qualifies for both the $350 Energy Trust of Oregon rebate AND a $550 Oregon Department of Energy state tax credit. That is a $900 value!

Call or stop by our Portland, OR location to speak to a sales representative about these Energy Trust rebates and tax credits, and find a qualifying fireplace or stove that is suitable for your home. You can find location information for our Portland Fireside location here.

We offer professional in-house installation on all of our jobs and our expert sales team can meet you at your home prior to your purchase to make sure that the unit you are looking at is the right fit. It’s also a great way to make sure you are installing a unit that will be both energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Now is a great time to make the decision to upgrade your old fireplace and take advantage of these savings and incentives.