Modern fireplace in a modern marble wall set up

Three Simple Ways to Clean Your Fireplace

What good is a night spent in front of the fire if your fireplace is too dirty to see the flames? Wood-burning fireplaces give off a lot of smoke and soot, which can build up on your glass doors over time. More than likely, you’re going to need something a little tougher than an everyday glass cleaner to get the job done. Here are a few ways to put the sparkle back in your glass doors.

1. Wash With Ammonia.

Make a mixture of slightly diluted ammonia and water. The water helps keep the ammonia from evaporating and makes the job easier. Grab some paper towels, spray the glass, and begin to wipe it clean. It could take a few tries to get the window clear. If you have any spots with a lot of buildup, let the mixture sit for a while. When you’re done, wipe the glass clean with a dry cloth.

2. Fight Ashes With Ashes.

Take an old newspaper or cloth and dampen it. Then, dip the newspaper/cloth in your fireplace ashes and start scrubbing those doors. The ashes help to counteract the leftover residue. Once you’ve scrubbed it clean, grab a clean wet cloth and wipe the glass to remove the ash. You can finish with a spritz of glass cleaner and wipe it dry with a paper towel.

3. Get Down To Business.

If you have a lot of buildup on your glass doors, it may take more work to get it clean. A flat razor blade can remove caked-on deposits, just be careful not to scratch the glass. After you’ve scraped them clean, spray the doors down with a solution of white vinegar and water and wipe down with a paper towel or clean cloth.

These tips can keep your wood-burning fireplace doors looking like new. If you’re looking for a fireplace upgrade or just something a little lower maintenance, the experts at Fireside Home Solutions can help find the perfect fireplace for your lifestyle.